Reminding Students History is Real!

History as a school subject can often be seen as boring and dull. It is about people from hundreds and thousands of years ago that we cannot speak to or hear from. Students can find it hard to engage with topics and events that happened long before they were even born. In my classroom I try my best to bring history alive. (Easier said than done believe me) I do this with images, videos, artefacts, diary entries etc. The hard part is trawling through the internet finding these resources. Today however I have stumbled across an amazing website filled with historic and modern day photographs. Yay!!! History Pin is an amazing website which has photographs arranged in topic form or by area. Students can go to a map of their local area and see photos published from the past and present. It gives students an insight into how life used to be and also allows them to compare to more modern times. Win win. I am definitely adding this page to my list of History resources.


Setting up my blog

As part of my MA in Religion and Education I have to set up a blog. I am doing my MA in MDI. I hope to use to blog almost like a classroom assistant. I want to add and evaluate resources and offer advice and support for other teachers.