Last Day of Term

Well following on from my last blog the last two days of term went down well. Everyone was in good spirits at the thoughts of a week off and most joined in with dressing up and having fun. We had a large range of Halloween costumes including Marty Mcfly, Michael Jackson before and after, Iphones, Monsters, robots, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, geeks, ET, zombies, The Village People, The Joker, Where’s Wally and so many more. The Halloween themed lessons I had planned went down well and students were happy with a change of direction after the first eight weeks of term. My two favourite lessons had to be the Halloween quiz and the Horror Story Session. The students were very engaged and we all left feeling in the spooky spirit.

Yesterday afternoon the school took part in a whole school table quiz. Students were in their form classes and questions were read aloud over the intercom. In groups students answered the questions and answer sheets were collected and brought to the office at the end to establish a winner. I have never experienced this before but I thought it was an excellent idea. Students were engaged and there was a sense of healthy competition around the corridors. For the last two periods it was movie time as a celebratory treat for surviving the first quarter of the year. Teachers had a list of movies they would be showing on the notice board and students got to choose which room they would go to for the afternoon. This meant classes were mixed together and there was a relaxed fun filled vibe around the whole school.

Overall I think the first quarter of the year ended on a high note. There have been highs and lows over the eight weeks but I think for my first full term in a school as a qualified teacher I have had a positive learning experience. As a substitute teacher I have had the chance to connect with almost every class in the school and I now know the students and staff extremely well. Although I have enjoyed the experience I cannot deny I will enjoy the week off and the chance to catch up on some well needed sleep. Once I am rested again I will be looking forward to the second quarter of the year and the experiences that will bring. So for now I am off to watch some Halloween movies and enjoy the break. Hope everyone reading my blog has a Happy Midterm and a Spooky Halloween.


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