Quad blogging

global-friends-2Quad blogging is a relatively new initiative which allows four schools to blog in a loop. The way this works is once a class signs up they get entered into a “quad”. Classes will start blogging from a school while others view and comment.  The following week another class will then blog and others will read/comment and the cycle goes on until all 4 schools have blogged. (EdTechReview) This can also be done within a class so students can work together and review each others work. The idea behind it is to combat the feeling of isolation the internet could create. Often blogs get lost in cyber space and when we do not receive feedback we get fed up and allow the blog to die.

As part of an assignment in our web 2.0 module we were assigned to quad blogs. Four students take one week each, write a blog and then the other three students comment, like, share etc. to give the blogger some feedback.

The benefits of quad blogging include:

  • creates a sense of working together and teamwork
  • Feedback on work that may otherwise feel ignored
  • Reach wider audience
  • Gives opportunity to read other work that you may not have other wise

During this assignment I had a mostly positive experience of Quad blogging but I did notice some issues that could cause difficulties. These include:

  • Comments and feedback could be forced and feel fake – Only done because they have to me
  • It can be hard to follow blogs and know when a blog has been updated if not in regular contact with the person or access to the web
  • Over a long period time it can be easy to forget
  • Students may feel pressured to write an amazing blog
  • Some people do not want comments and feedback on their work – they are happy enough just to write and let people read at their ease

If I was using quad blogging in my classroom I would follow these simple guidelines to try make the most out of the experience.

  • If working within one class use shorter periods of time – 2 weeks
  • Rotate groups regularly
  • Before starting give class feedback so students are prepared
  • Give students a guide on how to comment or give feedback e.g 2 stars and a wish
  • Ensure students stay respectful and only give positive feedback
  • Give students support and guidance for all blog posts

Quad blogging is extremely useful in the classroom and I would highly recommend trying it out but teacher guidance and support is vital.



















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